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"Babies Go CDs bring the likes of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Take That, Abba, Michael Jackson and more to little ears throughout the UK. Each album contains over 13 classic tracks from each artist re-recorded as soothing baby music for toddlers, babies, new mums; gifts new parents will appreciate on holidays with baby and great for sleep training babies too! They also make great christening presents; for girls and boys who want to rock, pop or just relax to some soothing music. 

As we all know, young children and babies love simple, uncomplicated melodies to lull them to sleep - especially on long car journeys. But after the umpteenth playing of Old McDonald, nursery rhyme music can wear a bit thin.

Babies Go CDs cleverly re-create the classic tracks we've all grown to know and love, from artists ranging from Abba to Coldplay to Michael Jackson as instrumental children's lullabies. For babies, lullabies appeal due to their simple melodies, but Babies Go are also for adults, who'll find tasteful re-creations of tracks they know in a familiar yet wonderfully enjoyable way.

Each Babies Go title contains over 13 tracks from each artist and takes a full month to re-create, following the exact arrangements of the original tracks but re-creating them entirely using only musical instruments that have a calming and appealing feel to babies and toddlers. Each track is meticulously made to a very high standard providing a delightful 'homage' to the original track. Whether as birthday presents or christening presents for boys and girls of a certain age, Babies Go CDs are a perfect gift idea for a cool baby or toddler. "

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